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Luckily, a handful of gentlemen took to Reddit to answer this troubling question of the century: Very contextual. Is going out to dinner just the two of you an unusual thing? If it was your first time going out and he paid for you, I'd say it was a date. I ask someone if they want to "meet up" or "hang out, somewhere in town" then, later, i casually bring up this question"So, hey, i was a bit unclear, are we calling this a date?

" Then i don't have to worry about what she thinks it is. It'll be fine– /u/not-nick-offerman Buying someone dinner a date does not make.

Tracing back to the history of courting, the rules were created by men because they were the ones who had a say on social norms and protocols.

Women did not have independent source of income, hence the men paid.

Corbis“He’s cheap.” That’s how my friend described the guy she’d been talking to for the past three months.

Although they lived in different cities, they’d conversed on the phone for a while before finally meeting.

Because of that, there tends to be a bit of confusion over who should pay for dinner on a date since many women feel they work hard and can provide for themselves.

There are some places in the world where the answer to this question is easy. If a man didn’t pay for your dinner on a date here in south Louisiana, your family would assume he was from somewhere else.

For one woman, it could mean spending more time together, for others, like my friend, it might mean dropping more coins. If you are lucky, your parents or older siblings will introduce you to the basic rules and let you explore the territory yourself. To my surprise, he was really bothered (and probably offended) by it.But if you’re not so lucky, you will have to figure it all out through peer groups, movies, books, and popular media. I was expecting a nice thank you but all I got was him complaining all the way home because I paid for our brunch. Many of my male and female friends who are arguably modern still expect men to pay for the expenses made during dates.The rules of dating have really changed over the past few years.Now, people are getting married much later in life when they are more established financially.

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Things are much less complicated on an app or an online dating profile, since those are clearly tailored for romantic encounters (or a quick hookup).

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