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On Monday afternoon, police said they didn't have details about how the man was able to climb the building.

At around 9 p.m., police told media gathered around the building that the man was no longer up there.Firefighters wearing gear for climbing and police filled an alley between the Bank of Montreal and the Bell MTS building on Monday afternoon after a man was spotted on the side of a building.A security guard noticed the man on a fire escape on the side of the Bell MTS building around noon.Das Wairarapa-Erdbeben von 1855, das den Boden der Stadt zur , sagt einiges über die klimatischen Verhältnisse der Stadt aus.Die exponierte Lage sorgt für starke Windströmungen.

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Außerdem ist Wellington die einzige Hauptstadt der Erde, die innerhalb des Einflussbereichs der .

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