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To give you an idea of how "rare" they are, we repair approximately 1200 clocks per year yet only see 5 to 10 tubular bell clocks during that same period.

You will find the serial number on the back of your Herschede Hall Clock movement. Unscrew the hook (it is actually a nut at the end of a rod that extends from the bottom of the weight).

In 1885 he began to import and sell clocks with movements made by the Elliot Company. Harrington of England had patented his invention of the tubular bell chime.

Having recognized the popularity of this new method of producing the chime tones for large clocks he began to purchase and distribute clocks of this type.

Often it is difficult to see, even when there are side doors. Inside, you will find a lead insert that is usually wrapped either in a Cincinnati or German newspaper that will bear a date close to that of the manufacture of your clock.

remove a weight that has not run down to the bottom, else you risk having the cable cross itself on the winding arbor of the movement.

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After 1902 he began to produce the tubular bell chimes on his own and install them in Herschede clocks.

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