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She just thinks she would be “terrible at it.”But, like Val, Watkins occasionally waffles between confidence and self-doubt in conversation. ”The first few episodes of the series unfurl at a nice leisurely pace as Val, a competent psychologist who can help her patients work through their fucked-up lives, wrestles with her own.

Created by Zander Lehmann and executive produced by Jason Reitman (who directed the first two episodes), “Casual” travels down some unsurprising roads. Stream episodes of Family Guy, Grey's Anatomy, SNL, Modern Family and many more hit shows.It appears that software on your computer is blocking Java Script.“But this has been really nice to get all of the connective tissue that makes the character tick, and then the fact that they also film those in-between moments [for the character] is so new to me.“There is a scene [in ] that is me walking around in a bra and putting on makeup without any dialogue as [my character is] getting ready to go out on a date,” Watkins explains with some degree of incredulity. ” She laughs, “No one has ever cared what my character was doing when she was out of the room.”“It’s really satisfying to play a fully fleshed-out person,” Watkins continues.“The fact that someone wanted to tame a camera on me while I put on makeup . “I usually do more broad, where I am taking on a character.

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