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She tells him to go meet with the Freemasons, since they have a “no girls allowed” rule.

They have some of their banter and Abbie gets a reminder about sundown.

A key feature of Revere's ride had to do with the lantern signal given at at Old North Church announcing the enemy's arrival; “One if by land; two if by sea.” The church deacons hung two, and off rode Revere to apprise the other Sons OF Liberty. So many instruments playing their part, yet blending together so smoothly as to be almost inseparable and melded.

This is a multi-dimensional treat that I intend to savor on occasion, as I would not want to belittle it's character by being a glutton and making it an every day smoke. Though the lament for the passing (if that's what it is) of Dunhill's blends is sung by a bigger chorus, some of us have also felt a great sense of loss over the demise of DAN/CAO's Midnight Ride.

The blend notes perhaps suggest an affinity with Dunhill's Nightcap, but Midnight Ride is altogether softer, sweeter, gentler.

Raymond likes to take Rad on midnight rides in Neo City on his pink motorcycle.

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Notes: As with most of the "American Heritage" blends by CAO, this one has been discontinued by CAO but is still being offered by original blenders Dan Tobacco (DTM). The Latakia and Orientals are in just the right proportion and shine at the beginning of the bowl, then fade to the background as the slightly sweet Virginia leaf makes an appearance tapered by the spicy Perique.

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