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After posing for clients like L’Oreal and Calvin Klein, Mac Dowell got her acting break with a part in Greystoke-The Legend of Tarzan.Her acting career picked up in the 1990s with roles in Model and actress Andie Mac Dowell was born Rosalie Anderson Mac Dowell on April 21, 1958, in Gaffney, South Carolina., you know that Kirby was completely obsessed with Andie Mac Dowell's character, Dale.In the movie, she's sweet as can be—and she's exactly that way in real life, too.

In 2012, Mac Dowell appeared on the teen drama Mac Dowell was married to Paul Qualley from 1986 to 1999; they have a son and two daughters.

Her manner is composed, her posture high in the saddle, and she combats any impression of aloofness this might leave with waves of genteel chattiness. In L'Oréal hair color commercials, Mac Dowell's hair is invariably straight, long, and impossibly liquid, but in real life it's thick and ringlety, and sometimes as she talks a lock of it falls across her face and over those eyes. The fantasy under discussion all began, she tells me, this spring with a L'Oréal stylist, or really with the clothes he was dressing her in for the shoot that day.

Her eyes are not afraid of contact; it probably says "brown" on her license, but the color is closer to blood orange, enhanced today by smoky eye shadow and the occasional squint against the L. For one look he gave her a bra and a pair of heels and a loose shirt Mac Dowell called "kind of sexy." Since Mac Dowell, a native of Gaffney, South Carolina, cultivates a Dixie tendency toward euphemism and understatement, it's probably safe to say the outfit looked blatantly lascivious.

1986 - 1999Andie Mac Dowell was married to model Paul Qualley for 13 years, after the couple met while shooting a Gap ad.

They had three children together -- Justin, Rainey and Sarah Margaret -- before they divorced.

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She has also been married twice in her life but it wasn’t as successful as she hoped it to be.

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